Microsoft and Meta Partner up to bring Office 365 Apps to VR.

Emmanuel Nwidemua
3 min readOct 13, 2022

With technology ever improving, remote work is getting more cooler and
more comfortable. These two big features surprise us with
collaboration, what should we expect?

Microsoft intends to expand teams’ productivity and excellence. With a
capable VR, one could extend limits and drive excellence with creativity in
the virtual space and with the internet’s latest iteration web3 and
decentralization, it would amass Microsoft 360 service of enjoying world-
class protection measures against all types of attacks. On-site data
destruction, multiple authentication layers for workers, strict technician
screening procedures amongst others.

For immersive meeting experiences, Microsoft is bringing together teams
to meta quests to help people gather virtually in the place where work
happens on any device. (How cool is that?) This includes laptops,
smartphones, and mixed-reality headsets.

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:” Mesh for Teams with Meta
Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 devices will enable people to connect and
collaborate as though they are together in person.”Official Microsoft blog
on the account of its partnership puts down:” This partnership
complements our commitment to Holo lens, and we are excited to
continue evolving our mixed-reality devices roadmap, leading with our
cloud-first approach, and with Windows and Microsoft 365 at the fore.

All of this advances our efforts to build the foundations of responsible
metaverse, with security, compliance, and enterprise-gradeexperiencesas
future of work” Meta has surely gotten a key partner in its grand metaverse plan. Working from home can only get cooler while we still expect to see more on Microsoft and Meta in the coming years.

Indeed this has shown a huge development in technology, In the coming future, we shall see more of web3 massive adoption and blockchain innovation. The world is diverting towards an entirely decentralized system of life and everything about it in general.

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